Travel to Morocco: A Treasure Trove of Surrealist Landscapes

A place of enduring fascination and reservoir of dreamy places, Morocco is worthy to visit. Visiting there would be completely worthy of your time as well as money. There is a lot to explore and enjoy. Keep Morocco on the top of your travel list and admire its beauty by visiting these top places. From visiting the port city of Casablanca Morocco to the capital city of Meknes, every place in this North African nation is surrealistic. Soon you will understand why we refer to it as a treasure trove of surrealist landscapes.


This famous seaside is located on the North Atlantic coast of Morocco. It is well known for its sandy beaches. The colorful mural-covered walls of the entire city make this place a must-see tourist spot. The visit becomes more interesting if it’s the month of August as it gives a chance to attend annual Arts Festivals wherein well-known artists entertain the audience with their amazing performances.


Surreal picturesque houses painted in blue color are the most striking aspect of this site. Get a chance to stay in these picturesque vacation homes for a memorable stay. Chefchaouen depicts the natural side of Morocco. Located in Rif Mountains, this small town is the remarkable hit of Morocco. Ras El Maa Falls is very famous at this place. You can find a number of wild-swimming and hiking options here.


In the 17th century, Meknes was the capital of Morocco. In between your trip, if you want a relaxing break, then this imperial city is a good option to go. The well-preserved medina is one amongst the several charms of this place. The most impressive carvings on doors and walls showcase the best of Moroccan architecture.


You may find various deserts in Morocco, but Merzouga is must-see among them. This desert town sees mesmerizing wind blowing from the sea Erg Chebbi as Merzouga is located on its edge. You can experience Bedouin life here and explore the nearby landscape with camel treks. The blazing blue skies offer the most unforgettable experience ever.

Sidi Ifni

The Spanish heritage of this place is its central attraction. This fishing town is located in Morocco’s south-west. Although Sidi Ifni is small and doesn’t have numerous attractions, its beaches environment and lavishness will still win your heart. It is relaxing, peaceful, and eye-soothing, so don’t overlook it.

Toubkal National Park and Jebel Toubkal

This is the best place to enjoy hiking, but be sure that you are a serious hiker. It’s not a gentle stroll – the best comes only after going through peaks and troughs. However, if you are risk-averse and don’t prefer hiking from Jebel Toubkal Mountain, then don’t worry. There are several other places to explore in the stunning park, Toubkal National Park.

Usually, it may seem effervescent to boast of the place to such an extreme extent, but Morocco is really what we say – ‘A Must-See’ destination. So, plan your visit and enjoy!

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