The quotes must contain the path with the file name and the command line parameters must follow. A batch file is a kind of script file in DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows. IRFANVIEW MAIN SITE. Users can run an executable from windows command prompt either by giving the absolute path of the file ... set path from command line? I have a USB flash drive with portable installs of Dropbox and emacs. %PATH:str1=str2% would expand the ... but instead will just set the LIST variable to the last file found. Type SET variable= without a value to delete variable from the environment. I've created a generic batch (or Windows Command) file that lets me loop through the contents of a directory and call a command for each item. Basically, I know I can go through my control panel and modify the path variable. I can't appear to find the Windows Batch Scripting zone to assign to!!! Adding to the PATH variable in batch file or on command line (cmd) -Its really simple, everybody probably knows it, but Im always forgetting it! SET command batch file cmd - ExeScript Bat to EXE Converter I'm trying to set the output of a commandline program to a variable in a Windows batch file. I was wondering is someone could help me with a simple batch file (Windows XP) to open files and/or folders. That goes for the PATH too. Hi All, I have a batch file, in this i have to find a file, if this file exists at some specified path then delete some files at the same path. In windows, I have two .bat files, say dir_a/a.bat, and dir_b/b.bat. I want to create a CD-ROM with images and I will put IrfanView on the CD. ... set path=%1;%path% set . Hi Experts, I need to setup a env variable from a batch file. To place the first line of a file into a variable: Set /P _MyVar= Questions > Batch file to add variable to PATH ? The PATH is the system variable that your operating system uses to locate needed executables from the command line or Terminal ... set the path in your startup file. Can you give some more details about how the command line gets created? Loads and executes a batch file from within a batch file as if it were a external command. I currently do it through MyComputer->Properties->Advanced Tab->Env variables. The set command is often used in the Autoexec.nt file to set environment variables. Solved. I want to add all the jar files in a directory to my CLASSPATH from my batch file. For example, if I'd like to read PATH - Change the %PATH% environment variable. The set command is often used in the Autoexec.nt file to set environment variables. The SET command. When a second batch file completes, ... set PATH=C:\;C:\DOS Why is SET PATH= not working in the same batch file? The basics of how to construct a batch file in Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 is described Calling a set variable from a batch file . !.. Is there a direct download link for IrfanView and Plugins?