Define dilution. The dilution calculator is a useful tool which allows you to calculate how to dilute a stock solution of known concentration. So for better results, we use 1:1000 dilution. "the dilution factor was 1/10", or "the dilution factor was 0.1". It has been known that if we use a larger volume we obtain a more accurate dilution. A table of the results of these calculations is given in Fig. ... How do you calculate serial dilutions? What if you do dilute and then dilute again? dilution synonyms, dilution pronunciation, dilution translation, English dictionary definition of dilution. 4/5/2005 Lab 2. 2. Serial DilutionsAll three bacterial plate count methods described in lab require you to serially dilute ... -2 Figure 1: Large Volume Serial Dilution Scheme i Serial dilutions of samples are made using EMEM10 as the diluent in 8-well Lab-Tek slides. n. 1. a. Serial dilution and plating of a bacterial culture 2.1 Lab 2. Make a 1 to 10 dilution of serum in saline. 1.A.3. Serial Dilutions MLAB 1335 Immunology/Serology Terry Kotrla Introduction Many of the laboratory procedures involve the use of dilutions. By taking one volume of the original solution and diluting it to two volumes. For example, you could take 5 ml of solution and dilute it to 10 ml. 1/100 ... of a 10-2 dilution, then add 1 microliter of 10-2 dilution to 99 microliter of diluent to make 100 Make a 1 in 10 dilution of serum in saline. Overall dilution. How to Do Serial Dilutions. Sample Dilution. Answers to Simple Dilution Problems 1) a. Example 1 What is the dilution factor if you add 0.2 mL of a stock solution to 3.8 mL of diluent? A dilution in chemistry is a process that reduces the concentration of a substance in a solution. 1/10 b. How do I perform a 1:2 antibody dilution in 200ul of FACS buffer? SERIAL DILUTIONS TUBE METHOD Principle Serial dilution is a common technique used in many immunologic procedures.